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by Astha Mishra

How An Interior Design Website Can Help You Level Up!

Why invest in an extravagant website when you already have people praising your work wherever they go?

Beauty isn't always in the eyes of the beholder - you know it, because you create that beauty for your clients and their homes!

Let’s cut to the chase with this very simple fact: your website is your style statement. The moment a person visits your website, they start forming opinions about your work and its legitimacy. A great website is something on par with your very work - it's about beautiful appearances and a smooth experience.

If your website doesn’t look good, it can severely affect the rest of your marketing strategy. A client might not care much about an interior designer whose own website lacks in aesthetics - something you’re trying to sell. So make sure your website is user friendly, beautiful and inviting.

Trust me, your competitors are investing in it. There’s a reason why the best interior designers in the industry have the best websites as well. They know what a good website can do. Here are the reasons why investing in a great website will be beneficial for you!

It’s the proof of your professionalism

It’s the proof of your professionalism

Forget about everything else - just ask yourself, how would you judge the services of this very website that you’re currently on? Do the pages load well? Is it easy to navigate? Is it pleasing to the eyes or not?

A professional would make sure that their website is always up to date because it’s the first proof of your commitment to aesthetics and your passion for your work.

An interior designer who didn’t put in much effort in just the perfect design for her/his own website might not put enough effort into their work. A great website is a way of telling your client that you care passionately about your work.

As mentioned before, your website is your style statement - make it your mantra and act accordingly!

Gives you ease of access, saves your time

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Having a website makes it easier for people to discover you. Yes, it’s good to be accessible in a ‘list of interior designers’ that someone might look up on Google, but it’s not good enough.

87% of people look up services on the Internet and do their research before they make a decision. So put more simply, not having a good website is most probably costing you both time and money. When your website is great, people would want to stay and see why you are a great choice.

If your website isn’t good enough, or worse if you don’t even have a website, it won’t show up in a potential client’s search results. No matter who says what, being able to come back to a link that will take a person to that website with answers to all their queries is always preferable.

In this technology-driven world, having a website gives you a competitive edge and also saves your time. Important, consistent but time-consuming questions can be covered in FAQs; general information which is absolutely non-negotiable can be conveyed through your website.

Website helps you build trust

Website helps you build trust

Another startling data reveals that 51% of 21st-century consumers won’t even trust a business that doesn’t have a website. Yep.

Having a website adds credibility to your business and makes you more trustworthy. Especially in a business-like interior designing, most of your clients are going to do their research online before they directly contact you. Why do you think people invest so much in online marketing?

In a world that depends on a quick Google fix for every little thing, not having your own website as an interior designer is going to be a big bummer for your business. Everyone knows how important first impressions are - your website helps you make a strong first impression and establish trust way before you meet or don’t meet your client. It’s a well-designed introduction that you don’t only deserve but also need.

A good return on investment


Did you know that websites are the third most active source of customers?

Although having a website adds so much credibility to a business, 46% of different business owners said that they didn’t have a website because they “don’t need it”. A big mistake.

Another reason why many people avoid having a website is that they think it’s an expensive investment and something too hard to manage. Again, a big mistake.

Did you know that websites actually offer a better return on investment than any other form of advertising? Yes, this one investment will reap you more benefits than anything else. A website should be your very first priority if you intend to market your business well.

You might go global

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Sure word of mouth is important, but it’s still not as important as a website if you want to work for foreign clients as well.

Your website gives you the necessary exposure to get clients from around the world. And when you have people from around the globe checking your designs and portfolio, you wanna make it the best that you can.

Geography is important, but it’s also limiting. Website is the way of going beyond the boundaries of Geography and getting your best deals.

So if your opportunities are world-class, your website should be too. It needs to be an all-around perfection to gain an international base of clients.

Keep up with the trend - it’s your work!

Keep up with the trend - it’s your work!

Interior Designing is all about keeping up with the latest trend while at the same time defining your work with a personal touch. Same goes with website designs - keep up with the latest website trends and update your website accordingly.

That being said, make sure style never gets in the way of understanding. Good navigation is important for your client to gain an understanding of your work.

Consider your client’s perspective here. While looking for necessary information on your website, if pictures don’t load, or there are a number of menus that they have to go through to access some particular information, would they consider this a pleasant experience?

It’s possible that you may get carried away by the perfect design and overlook the navigation, but don’t let it happen. It’s important to keep them both balanced to make it easy for anyone going through your website to get what they want. Check out designrush to explore the latest trends in creative designs.

Your website is your client’s companion!

client’s companion!

Consider your client’s perspective. The reason why most people spend so much time online is that they can consider their options over and over again without feeling self-conscious. A simple way to understand this is to consider these two different situations.

One is where a salesperson is guiding you through basic information and trying to convince you why you should buy this oh-so-beautiful diamond necklace even though it’s ridiculously expensive.

Second, you have an online catalogue where you can easily browse through your options again and again until you can make a decision.

That’s what a good website offers your prospective client - ease of browsing and considering their options.

Your website educates your clients about their own needs, options and benefits of choosing you. It helps them make better decisions by introducing them to more in-depth information that your fun-to-browse website provides.

So don’t let the lack of a better website stop you from becoming the best that you can. Smart investment, smart returns.

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