We breathe and speak design, you and us.

Flowers and sky

Design makes a difference. Subtle, profound.

And we simplify the business landscape for the quiet difference-makers of society - Architects and Interior Designers.

As a team of creative strategists, we use power of design, words, and adaptive internet algorithms to provide business and marketing solutions that work for you.

Our Team

NIkhil Namal profile picture

Nikhil Namal

Co-founder, full-time Market Research Specialist, part-time Designer & Developer- can be found lurking on innovative-ideas-platform. Find him to get privy to latest industry updates and business tricks & treats.

Karan Bhatt profile picture

Karan Bhatt

Co-founder, full-time Designer & Developer, part-time Market Research Specialist- can be found juggling sketchbooks, storybooks and movies. Catch him for a chat on art, movies and books.

Company & Culture

Asteriasoft is founded on one belief - to leave the world a little better than we found it. To make an impact that creates a ripple of innovation throughout the design-oriented industries.

We are driven by our vision to transform the architecture and interior design industry with unrestricted creativity and cutting-edge solutions.

Using design thinking and strategy to innovate and educate, we can help you thrive and surpass all significant business challenges.

But why do we work with Interior Designers and Architects? Unlike other industries, we share a similar design-thinking core with Interior Designers and Architects.

We understand the complexities of coming up with unique creative systems to execute each unique project.

Interior Design and Architecture, as a market, has ample scope for innovation in terms of business growth.

We have put years of design experience and market research in the processes and systems we have created to achieve this mission.