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Persimmon Design's website has been crafted to establish authority, credibility and a strong position in the industry. Its design brings out a self-reliant and confident style in the client's work.



For a client who is highly skilled and acclaimed in her industry, this website design provides credibility and professional assurance to anyone who takes a single look at it.

Our goal was to provide a neat and high-end expression of the client and her firm through this design. The image and the name both take equal space at the center of the home page, a subtle testimony to the firm's expertise in both its work and itself.


Before we began...

The first step towards making this project a success was understanding the needs and goals of our client - an established interior designer with years of experience.


We needed to answer these basic questions before any work could be started:

  1. What were their immediate and long-term goals?
  2. What's their sense of style and design?
  3. Who are their target customers?
  4. What problems can we solve for her with our design?

Once we had a clear understanding of these questions, we began to work on finding the solution to these problems through extensive industry research.


The layout and design

After conducting our research and finding the design solutions needed to achieve the goal, we started the process of designing and layout.

Since the goal was to get a confident air about the website design and the firm, we decided to provide a center stage to both the winning image and the name of the firm.


The name and value proposition of the firm had to compete for attention with the image. Hence the font we chose has a strong and demanding design.

The rest of the website has a clutter-free and easy to scan text alongside the images of the best projects of the client - important to keep the website visitors hooked to the website.


The Result

The website design was confirmed in two weeks and we started the work on the development right after.

The complete website was done in a time-period of 45 days and it tackled almost each and every problem faced by an endless number of redundant websites.


From SEO to website navigation, image loading speed to website loading speed and smooth functionality to a great user experience - this website has been a great experience for our client.


Client Testimonial And Experience

The entire process was very collaborative and we kept our client up-to-date with everything throughout the entire research, design and development phase.

Every step was taken after not just approval but also enthusiastic participation of our client in the complete process.


She Describes Her Experience In These Words

“The project addressed all of my concerns and the communication throughout had been timely, informative and supportive. The team had been very approachable, friendly and helpful through the complete process. I'm very happy with the outcome and satisfied with my experience. Keep up the great work!”

— Anu Kurup

Owner, Persimmon Design.

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