a case study

Nolan Interiors website has been designed in a way that exudes the elegant and feminine personality of the owner, all the while confidently showcasing her portfolio. It's highly personalised and made with an overall artistic approach and minimal design.



Nolan Interiors website has been designed in a way that exudes the confident, easy-going and lovely personality of the woman who owns this firm. The design and aesthetics of this website are emotive, highly expressive, intricately personalised and yet minimal and modern.

We used clear and beautiful pictures as the main focus of the website - the goal was to make the browsing experience as rich as that of an art gallery. Moreover, the narrative style of the content will help the visitors get a glimpse of the owner's personality through the website itself.


Before we began...

Before we started designing the website, we had to know the goals that this website has to achieve. We started out by considering these questions from the client:

  1. What are their long-term and short-term goals with their website?
  2. What design, style or aesthetics do they prefer?
  3. What kind of personality, idea or message do they wish their website to convey?


The layout and design

This website is one of the most satisfying works we have done so far - at its core, it's there to communicate, share and express.

We had the freedom to take creative liberty with this website as a whole to make it a work of art - expressive, communicative and emotive.

We used a combination of subtly acoustic and minimalistic design & layout to make this website into the confident voice of its owner.


The pictures are covering the larger share of the screen and their selective and layered placements gives the eclectic and artsy look to the website.

Despite the pictures taking up large space on the screen, its inspired style makes the website look luxurious and grand instead of contrived and stuffy.

The straightforward and conversational chunks of text make the website come alive with confidence and an edgy but playful aura.


The functionality

Despite having many high-quality images, this website loads faster than most average websites and provides an overall immersive user experience.

The website successfully presents not just the work of the client, but also her persona to the visitors of this website.


The efficiency and easy navigation, matched with its conversational and personalised information-sharing, has successfully given this website a distinct brand personality.

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