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Offer 3: The Client Magnet

Become An Irresistible And Highly Coveted Client Magnet In The Industry.

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Key Services and Features Included

Factor 1

Figure out who you are
  1. A 2-hour strategy workshop to discover your brand’s core elements, motivations, and ‘why’ of its being and existence.
  2. A 2-hour strategy workshop to discover your brand’s core vision, mission and align them with your why
  3. A 2-hour strategy workshop to assess goals, and align them with the business goals.

Factor 2

Decide who you want to serve
  1. A 2-4 hour strategy workshop to understand your ideal client and craft an effective strategy to engage them. It involves three major tools:
    • Client Persona helps you identify who your ideal client is and how to reach out to them successfully.
    • Customer Empathy Map allows you to understand your client’s motivation, frustrations, and requirements to build an irreplaceable rapport with them.
    • Customer Journey Map helps you understand substantial touchpoints on a potential client’s journey to becoming your loyal customer.
  2. A series of strategy workshops to uncover the industry gaps your firm can fill in with its expertise and truly shine.
  3. Ongoing support with a 2-hour strategy workshop, progress checks, and valuable feedback.

Factor 3

Connect with your ideal audience
  1. Help craft a compelling brand messaging strategy.
  2. A comprehensive Brand Identity Package (with a focused 2-hour strategy workshop) to assess compatibillity of your brand identity with your business objectives.
  3. Ebook on Crafting Irresistible Offers including step-by-step DIY guides, frameworks, and roadmaps.
  4. A custom-designed website that drives client conversion and comes with–
    • Latest technology and strategic design elements that drives client conversion
    • Exceptional User Experience and seamless navigation.
    • Information Architecture (organised content structure with a sitemap)
    • Persuasive Website Copy that captivates, communicates and converts.
    • Next-generation technology of Jamstack Architecture for optimal performance.
    • Captivating designs aligned to UX & UI conversion principles and best practices.
    • Intuitive Content Management System (CMS) for effortless personalization of blogs and portfolios.
    • Integrated Sales Funnel to maximize lead generation and sales potential.
    • Rigorous testing and device compatibility for seamless functionality before launch.
  5. A holistic and personalised Lead Magnet Guide to maximize your lead generation potential and boost your conversion.
  6. Customised PDF Designs for your business with visually appealing graphics, and layouts that align cohesively with your brand identity.
  7. A personalized content marketing strategy with a 2-hour workshop to establish yourself as an industry leader.

Factor 4

Convert the audience into raving clients
  1. On-page technical SEO for online visibility and driving organic traffic to the website.
  2. Free Content Creation* for first three months to attract, engage, and retain audience while driving organic growth of your business. This will include:
    • Four conversion-friendly blogs per month.
    • 20 eye-catching Instagram posts in total.
    • 20 engaging LinkedIn posts in total.
  3. Rigorous Conversion Testing (CT) involving user data analysis, strategic enhancements, and fine-tuning website elements for maximum results.
  4. Dedicated one-hour quarterly review workshop session on your website’s conversion rates and feedback on areas of improvement.
  5. *The content creation is free for the first three months. If you would like to continue with content services, you will incur a fees of $3000/month thereafter.

Factor 5

Keep them coming back
  1. A workshop on proven techniques and practices to cultivate strong client relationships.
  2. Inventory of tips and tricks to harness the power of referrals and grow your business.
  3. A comprehensive ebook of actionable steps for generating referrals consistently.

Who Should Choose This Offer?

A focus on delivering exceptional services need not compromise the essentials of a robust marketing plan. This offer is for you if:

  1. You seek to prioritize the core services of your Interior Design or Architecture firm instead of spending time on crafting a marketing strategy.
  2. You seek to take a more time-efficient approach to your business by outsourcing essential marketing needs to experts.
  3. You seek to grow your business without having to spend hours on learning the latest effective marketing strategies in the industry.
  4. You are tired of keeping up with marketing trends when you wish to focus more on the upskilling in core services you provide.
  5. You value collaborations and long-lasting relationships with your clients by taking a client-first marketing approach.

For a limited time, we are offering a free call in which we collaborate with you to see how the framework can be seemlessly integrated into your current business. No selling, no strings attached.

For The Client Magnet offer, we can only accept 10 clients. This ensures that we can provide personalized attention and deliver exceptional results to each participant.

(6/10 Slots Remaining)