a case study

The sole purpose of Panel7 Interiors was to showcase - not just the portfolio, but also the status, excellence and quality of the work of an already established firm.



This website is for a client who is already well-established in the industry and has tremendous success in her/his work. This website is a portrait of the client success, self-confidence and excellence.

When we started working on Panel7, our major work went into the psychological impact that the website would create with its design and aesthetics. The website design must unapologetically communicate the place that this interior design firm would have established for itself in the industry.


Before we began...

The first step, as in most cases, was to establish the ideal requirements of such a client with the following questions:

  1. What are their immediate and long-term goals?
  2. What's their sense of style and design?
  3. What kind of personality, idea or message would they'd like to deliver through their website?


The layout and design

Once we had a clear understanding of everything that our client needed, we started with the design and layout work.

The idea was to create something grand, confident and bold. Even though minimalist designs are on a rise, that style would undermine the sophistication that this particular website needed.


We decided to put the pictures - the proud work of our client - at the very centre of the website, making those pictures both the body and the blanket of this website.

As we land on the website, we are visually treated with utterly mesmerizing pictures of the beautiful houses that the client has designed - their very best at the very front.

The typography is also as confident as the pictures - despite having a background of a colourful house, the font stands out effortlessly and clearly.


The functionality

The design and layout were confirmed and we moved on with the portfolio and started the process.

Our main concern was to tackle the loading speed of the website and ensure that the overall experience doesn't get affected because of the large images we used.


The result was tremendously satisfying - the website wasn't just fast and smooth, it provided a mesmerizing experience with easy navigation. The loading speed of the website itself was fast and the images didn't take time to load at all.

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