a case study

Minimal Studios has been designed to attract new clients by putting the foremost focus on the portfolio and its immediate accessibility.



For a client new to the industry, this website provides credibility and exposure. With a neat design and professional vibe, it communicates in one glance a kind and easy-going personality.

When we started working on Minimal Studios, we had to keep in mind the fact that the ideal client for this website would operate mainly on her own, as a freelancer. Our goal was to provide high value and exposure with minimum input and maintenance required from her.


Before we began...

The first step was to research all the requirements and goals of such a client. We usually look for three big questions from every client:

  1. What are their immediate requirements and long-term goals?
  2. What is their sense of style and design?
  3. Who are their target customers?


The layout and design

Once we establish the requirements and goals such a client would have, we move on to the layout and design planning.

We decided to go with the minimalist web design to ensure it aligns with the style statement of our client while at the same time giving them a sturdy but easy-going and professional vibe.


The website opens to the homepage which succinctly states who they are and what their mission is, leaving no room for confusion or doubt.

We have used minimalist typography that complements the website's modern design, effects of which can be summarised in two words - focus and purpose.


The functionality

Once the layout and designs were sorted, we started designing the portfolio with a focus on its functionality as a website and its user experience.

One by one we went on to solve the issues that many unfortunate business websites have to suffer with - speed, user experience, navigation and visibility on the web.


We wanted the website to rank good and better than its competitor websites while also finding the right demographic.

The website ranks high in web searches, loads faster than average websites and provides a great user experience to the visitors.

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