a case study

The purpose of the Haven Studios website, at its core, is to be familiar and inclusive for most demographics - including those who are not so great with technology and the internet - and hence attract more clients.



Haven Studios website has been designed to be a more inclusive and familiar website for anyone who stumbles upon it. A person doesn't have to be internet savvy to understand and interact with this website.

The layout has been designed in a way that gives all the necessary information to the visitor right away, all the while providing beautiful pictures of the firm's work that instantly establishes their credibility.


Before we began...

Before the actual work began, we established the most important questions about the requirements and goals of this client:

  1. What would be their long-term and short-term goals?
  2. What idea, message or personality do they want to convey to their ideal clients?
  3. What is their most dominant sense of style, design and aesthetics?


The layout and design

Our main challenge was to design the layout in a way that exuded both artistic creativity and professional discipline in equal measure. We remembered that, on this website, navigation could not be compromised in favour of the design and style.

The website opens to the statement that clearly and immediately establishes the goal and work of the firm in a single line with a beautiful picture proving the magic of their work right away. Everything is easily available right from the start to the end.


While we had to inform, we also needed to avoid text dumping at once, or else most people would not read it. To keep the visitors hooked, we alternated visuals and pictures with blocks of information.

The spacious and modern typography prevents crowded or stuffy feelings, creating a sense of clutter-free space and easier readability.

The ultimate target is to get more clients from various demographics, making the site user-friendly for even those who aren't exactly internet savvy.


The functionality

This website provides a completely flawless user experience with its accessibility, faster loading speed, easy navigation and emotive design.

The layout meets the three most important goals - easy accessibility, getting more clients, and establishing its efficiency and credibility.


The website presents an overall brand image of a firm that is successful, efficient and professional with its work.

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